2019 is HERE!

It's 2019 and I've been hibernating. I did however manage to go out a bit this winter. I even went to some new places that were a bust but when you're looking for something new and different, you may not hit a home run on the first at bat.

Although I didn't blog much about it, many of these photos I posted on my instagram @lohmeyerphoto. The picture above was my first trip to Terrapin Park on the eastern shore. It was a new angle on an old friend the Chesapeake Bay bridge.

I even managed to get access to an area that I never thought possible until I did what any good photographer should do and that is to just ask! The above photo was my first and unfortunately last visit to Jacob Tomes School in Port Deposit, MD.

Lastly my go to spot, North Point State Park. We had 3 Supermoons already this year and with the third and final one I got out to the park for a super low tide. Its 2019, spring is in the air, get out there and enjoy it!