Artscape 2013


Baltimore a place filled with homicides and crooked government employees.


Well thats what the media wants you to believe but really Baltimore is just a fun Artsy town on the rise again.


Artscape 2013 was proof of that too me. Everyone seemed alive and comfortable with one another.


Between walking around all the tents and places like, Hour Haus, Metro Gallery and so many others, I not only got the best exercise ever I got to witness Baltimore’s true underground colors.


I also got to witness a rainbow too, it was pretty and unexpected.


Hmmm what else to say about Artscape 2013 and the city of Baltimore…


I think the city will be just fine, just don’t watch the news or read the paper cause it will tell you otherwise.


Baltimore will keep going with or without the support of outsiders though. There is a lot to do and see here and thankfully its not over crowded. Hopefully it will keep its unique quality for years to come.

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