Black Moshannon State Park


Jess and I have started a tradition and that is to camp somewhere once a year around fall.


This time we chose Black Moshannon State Park in Pennsylvania.


Lots of history and good hiking trails. Hey I even caught two Pike, no picture to prove but they were too small to keep anyway.


The bog and lake were created by of course a dam but also from the lumber era when thousands of trees were logged by wood-hicks. Some of the stumps still exist in the water, along with lily pads, offering a very distinct scenery that is unique to this place.


On our last night there the sky was very clear, so we started a fire and I began experimenting with star trail photography.


If only I had the opportunity to shoot photos in a place that has almost no light pollution or at least less in comparison to Baltimore.


It was a great trip, I highly recommend going when its somewhat cold out and renting a rustic cabin.