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The final days of the Fig tree at the old house. That tree is the only thing I will miss about that place.

Friday the 13th and there is a Nor’Easter pounding the New Jersey coast. Funny how Friday the 13th always works out to be a weird day. I’m sure there will be a ton of happy customers at the store today.

If you didn’t know I work at the Apple Store in A.C. and this is the App Tree that I helped put together. 309 pieces later we came to this.

We also got a real tree in our window and if you were wondering Apple planted two seeds in replacement of the ones they killed for each store.

Danielle and I moved into a new Apartment in Somers Point. It’s a cute little place right on the bay.

Danielle in our Kitchen/Living room enjoying some coffee.

Austin seems to really like the new place. He’s now a avid bird watcher and makes a lot of noises while watching them. I think he really wants to go play with all of the birds and squirrels or he just wants to eat them.

After a rough day of meowing at nature he found a chill spot on the couch.

This is what I wake up to every morning now. I really love living near large bodies of water, not only does it slightly remind me of the Chesapeake Bay, its really one of the most relaxing things ever.