Halloween 2009!!!

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Its Halloween day and I am in A.C. for work. I get off at 3 pm so no big deal.

I took a walk underneath the pier that I work at conveniently called The Pier Shops at Caesars.

A man trying to reclaim his broken dreams in Atlantic City’s sand or just try to get enough change so he can pay all the tolls.

This sign which is adjacent to The Tropicana Casino. Its just a little funny to me since this is the most sinful town in America.

Ahh, the great Motel district located on the Black Horse Pike leaving A.C. this is where you go if you plan on being the next 48 Hours Unsolved Mystery.

Danielle and Juli went as Deb and Napoleon from Napoleon Dynamite.

I went as Beetlejuice, the Ghost with the most!

Danielle’s Mom and I sat and watched as they gave out the candy to all the children.

After the Trick or Treaters came Party Time!
A little family snap shot before we go and off to the party.

Corey and Mom feeling the Halloween Spirit.

There were a lot of unexpected guest that attended.

I guess this is suppose to be the Lion King throwing up eye balls? I don’t know you take a guess.

Deb got a little gangster with the Werewolf pen. Thats it Halloween 2009 is over can’t wait for next year.