A Day at Batsto Village

Josh Lohmeyer Uncategorized 2 Comments

Danielle and I took a stroll in Batsto Village the Sunday before Halloween. Batsto is a interesting place located on the southern end of the Wharton State Forest.

The sky this time of the year always makes for some great photos.

Danielle and I enjoying this beautiful Fall day.

If you didn’t notice the mass growth of Mushrooms this year you were living in a cave. I personally never seen so many before in my life.

There was a Halloween event going on in the Village for kids. Looked like a lot of fun, to bad I’m an old man now and can’t take part in these sort of things.

Not just Trick or Treating games with Ghost!

Pine trees are the official unofficial tree of New Jersey.

Danielle with a neat little Shroom.

The trees were in peak color that day. By next week they will all be on the ground.

My new house, just kidding.

A zombie tree left its brains behind on one of the trails.

At least here they are trying to help the fish that use to be able to just swim up stream.

The end to a picture perfect day in Batsto.