Pumpkin Carving 101

Josh Lohmeyer Uncategorized 1 Comment

It feels crazy to say but this Fall is totally more fun than this Summer was. What with the rain I don’t even feel like there was a Summer. Danielle and I went to Maryland and pick apples with my parents. I haven’t done this in years, need less to say it was like being a kid all over again.

Fast forward to the weekend before Halloween and our Saturday with Johnny. I had a mini photo shoot with him just jumping off the couch.

Later that day we went to a Farm Market and bought some Pumpkins with him.

Look at these big guys!

Some interesting Gourds for sale.

Peppers too, 1 dollar for this whole basket.

Pre painted Pumpkins for those non creative types.

Back to the house for a Tuna fish sandwich. I tried to make it look fancy for this photo but in the end its just Tuna.

After I finished my sandwich we found Johnny asleep on the couch. Guess I’ll have to carve them on my own.

This is what I came up with. A little twist on a classic Jack O’ Lantern.

These seeds will be baked and salted for a tasty snack!!