Cape May, NJ

New Jersey, a place that few people outside of the state think highly of and I am guilty of that too. I lived here once before and took it for granted but not this time!

NJ has something that most east cost areas don't, untamed beaches and salt marshes. Only here can you drive for miles on asphalt roads that can be submerged by a high tide, only to end up on a beach.

If going on such adventure, I recommend having someone that appreciates the beauty as much as you do. Find your selves there, cause when no one else is around all you have is each other. Also when the fun is over remember the good times, during the bad.

Cape May for the most part holds all of these gems but there are other parts of this state that have great secrets. Like the Pine Barrens or the Delaware Gap.

If you are looking for a new adventure in a place that is familiar go off the beaten path and find the adventure that exists there. All you have to do is remove your old self from it in order to find it.