Epic Honeymoon South East Road Trip

Jess and I got married October 5th 2019. We then took a two week honeymoon (needed vacation) through the South Eastern US. We went through the Blue Ridge Mountains, Great Smoky Mountains and then up the coast through the Carolinas.

First stop was in the small town of New Castle, VA. We got the cops called on us for this shot. Small towns are something else man...

This was from a lookout on Cumberland Gap Rd in New Castle, VA. Here we met another couple from Baltimore and then a couple from GA that had an epic truck that you'll have to look at via my personal instagram.

Todd, NC so many stars at Camp Big Fun.

Our mini camper for the night.

Honestly I have never seen so many stars as I did on this night.

Then we made it to Gatlinburg, TN. Camping in Elkmont, which is part of the Great Smoky Mountains.

While trying to take this shot I had a DNR ask what I was doing. I don't know what it is about me but I naturally attract police figures all the time.

I went to Folly Beach, SC on a work trip once and always wanted to come back. This is a picture under the pier, 10 years after that trip.

After a 4 mile bike ride on some rusty beach cruisers we made it to the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve.

This place changed so much in the 10 years since I was last here.

Climate change, which has resulted in more damaging hurricanes have changed this place. Still there is plenty to see here and is a place everyone should experience once.

Cape Hatteras, NC I've always wanted to come here and am so privileged to have been able to experience it.

The moon was bright that night but I was still able to pull off a couple keepers.

Driving to Hatteras involves driving though a bunch of barrier islands. In one town not so far from camp we found an abandoned water park and go-cart resort. No telling the fun they had at one point.

Our last night at Cape Point. This place is magical, untamed and chuck full of history.

I learned so much from this trip but more importantly I found my best road warrior ever. I hope everyone out there finds theirs too.