Harford County Maryland


I recently moved back to Harford County Maryland from Austin, TX. This area is the place I called home for the first 20 years of my life.


The area has always been a big farming community and is laced with scenic drives full of rolling hills.


Sadly though a lot of the farms that made up this area are being sold as land for homes. Even with that there is still a lot of beauty to be found here.


Hopefully it stays that way too, driving around here you’ll see big signs that say “50 acres for sale” but some of those have been there for years. Its a catch 22 though because the farmers can’t afford the land in some cases due to there not being a demand for there services anymore.


I want everyone to prosper but I also want my home and the rest of the world for that matter to stay the same. Growth is okay in small doses, but if you take a look at the rate people are reproducing we are an invasive species  basically.


This land no matter how urban, is not ours, we’re just visitors here and need to respect Mother Nature better before its too late.

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