Leap Year


Ok so where do I start, well its been since November that I last posted and these are some of the things I have been into since.


During the weekend of winter storm Janus, which blessed the mid atlantic with almost 30″ of snow. I decided to do some still life shots.


These were the best out of them. It was fun to mess around with a style that I have not visited in a while.


Good ol’ John back in town!


Later we received some really nice weather and I revisited Fort Howard, only to find another building burnt down.


Although it makes for a epic photo, its sad to see this area get vandalized.


More recently I went to Fort Armistead with Jess and explored the tunnels. Note they were too dark at the time for me to take photos.


Instead of tunnel photos I messed around with Seagulls and long exposures. This is 2.5 seconds at F11 ISO 100 with a 10 stop ND filter.


The key bridge has a really nice angle from here.


As well as some power plants that produce nice puffy clouds when using the ND filter.


Lastly a composite of long exposures featuring Jess and I. Its Spring so go have some fun!