New York City


Visited a good friend of mine in New York City this past weekend. Unfortunately I  was unable to photograph the entire trip, there is too much excitement there and too many things to get into. Maybe next time I’ll document my adventure better.


New York is one place that will truly make you feel insignificant in the greatest way ever. No one pays attention to you and essentially you can do whatever you want. There are about 9 million people living in just the city, not to mention the people traveling in from NJ and other areas of NY or the country.


Its the perfect place to find your self but its also the perfect place to lose your self. If your good at juggling something like that than maybe living here would be for you. Me on the other hand, I might get chewed up and spit out of that city. I think I’ll stay in Baltimore for a while but I officially love NYC and I never felt that before.


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