Rainy Summer Days


Ah how great it is to live on the east coast again. Not only does this area have some of the greatest architecture, it also has some of the most interesting weather.


Texans always said if you don’t like the weather just wait a minute, well I waited two years and it was just hot. The weather is in constant change on the east coast and in particular Baltimore, MD.


It was sticky hot all day and then these clouds began to roll in that seemed pretty ominous.


I decided to stick it out and keep taking pictures, which was great because the gloomy skies fit nicely with the gloomy city.


I love alley ways if you haven’t noticed.


All was well as I took this picture above but remember what I said about waiting a minute?


Then all of a sudden the storm was here, winds started gusting and next thing you know it started to down pour. Thankfully I have a camera bag that has a rain jacket built in it but riding my bike home was interesting…


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