Update 2020


Well its now the year 2020, who would have thought I/we would make it this far. The end always seems near and it feels more real then ever but hey thats not what I'm here for. Let's enjoy some new photos together. Like this picture of Kornell and Jess at the abandoned power station in North Point State Park.

Jess found this skull, we think it's a fox, at North Point as well. I have been practicing more with my speed lights. Gotta use it or you'll lose it.

Did a day trip to the C&D Canal near Chesapeake City and Delaware City. This area has some untapped potential, aka untapped to me. Bridges that appear to be falling apart and dirt roads following the canal.

And of course I couldn't make a post without a picture of the most beautiful estuary in the world the Chesapeake Bay.