Better weather has arrived and we have been wandering about our favorite spot.

This new camera is something else, "the colors man, the colors!"

Now, for the cooking segment of this episode!

We made Thai chili coconut mussels and clams.

I got top neck clams with the thickest shells ever, so in first for them.

For an appetizer we shucked some Wellfleet oysters. So teeny, so dainty!

Then we also had some black sea bass. Yeah I know, we're better then Red Lobster. 

Final product and no time to take a better photo, so lets eat!

Ok so if you live in Baltimore and enjoy cooking seafood, go to Conrads in Parkville.

After all that food you gotta walk it off . . . so we find ourselves where we started.

This place has become my go-to spot. It's nice to drive roughly a half-hour and end up somewhere outside the city on the water.