Westmoreland Birthday Celebration

Westmoreland State Park is in good ol' Virginia. We decided to camp here for Jess's birthday and to also check out a new place. PS if you're wondering yes that car still runs like a champ.

It was hot but wildlife was abundant. Skinks were everywhere and different varieties as well. We named this little guy Lynyrd Skinkyrd.

This was him waking up one morning. He lived at our camp site so I basically took pictures of him whenever I could.

I believe this is a Woodland Box turtle. I found it grazing near our site. He moved slow but disappeared quickly into the brush in a few minutes while I was cooking breakfast.

This is what a real camp breakfast should look like. Pro tip if you want to really enjoy camping, prep and make as much of your food before you even set out for the trip. Also home made camp beans are better then what you can find in the store.

It was like 500º outside when this was taken at fossil beach. My shirt was stuck to me and I couldn't get any great shots cause there was a million people looking for sharks teeth. Like some real punks we hopped on to the no trespassing area and took a picture of our selves. We are rebels...

Nice to find a abandoned structure to take a photo of. Especially because this ones probably not going to be around much longer due to construction.

Sunset over the Potomac River, with all the mosquitos sucking my blood as I wait for this long exposure shot. Constant reminder of how beautiful this world is but how cruel it can be.

The trip was awesome, even though I was super sweaty the whole time, it was great to see something new with my best friend and lover. Oh yeah and we are engaged now! #PartyTime