After SXSW I started to think about the growth of Austin, TX and how it reminds me of when I lived in Philadelphia, PA. South East Austin as well as just East Austin is going through a huge change in housing. Once these areas were very Ghetto and now are becoming the “Hip” place to live.

There are lots and lots of people, most of which grew up in a some what good town. Not to bash on the middle class but all the kids that are now grown up are moving into places that may not be safe but are cheap. I am one of them and I remember living in Philly and seeing Ghettos get pushed back in wake of all the new people that wanted to live in the city for a cheap price. It was perfect for College students and people that just got bored with the suburbs and country.

The same thing is happening here in Austin, Tx, where there are so many people that want to be here but don’t want to pay the price. They get a  place that is relatively cheap but don’t consider how sketchy the area is. Is this a bad thing? I personally don’t think so but it is causing extremely lower class citizens to not have what they use too.

The best part about all of this is that most of my generation is trying to live in cities and not finding homes and settling down. This is whats causing these once bad areas to become livable, but at a price. Areas that were once considered Ghettos are now a great place to live and clean. Though at the same time those people that were pushed out are now angry at the new comers and condensed into pockets of crime and still live right down the street.

In the end I don’t know what is worse. Pushing people out of their communities so that a new breed can take over or people not exploring new things. I love what I have seen in life but at the same time have caused apartment rates to go up in less expensive areas due to who I am. This is one of those things that is a double edge sword and all you can do is watch.


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