Winter Wonderland


I’m beginning to forget what it looks like with out snow everywhere.


Its quite the winter wonderland and at times I dare to say its better then summer but lets not go there just yet.


The beauty of living in the mid-atlantic region is that you get the best of it all. Hot summers full of BBQing and swimming to cold winters full of sledding and drinking hot cider.


We try to embrace it for the first half but then it usually becomes a challenge by February.


Try to keep in mind that when its 100º out and you’re sweating, you’ll be complaining then too.


In fact think of it this way, when its 100º out you don’t get a break unless you make it winter in your house with AC.


So make the best of winter or move to Florida, cause it could be worse, like 6 months of darkness and cold. Sorry Alaska and Canada…

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